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Featuring clothing, shoes and accessories from across the board of styles and brands, we’re sure that any woman or man can find what they’re looking for at our e-store! Also, we always add new items into our stock!

US-wide Delivery

With most of our customers living in the US, providing a reliable 50 states wide delivery service for them was always a vital task for us. Eventually, last year we’ve made this dream come true!

Affordable Pricing

While most of the clothing, accessories and shoes featured on our website is in the quite high price range and the quality range, we make sure that we keep pricing down as much as we can!

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مهدی عبداللهی

مهدی عبداللهی

مدیر فنی

مدیر فنی وبسایت. کارشناس انفورماتیک. مدیر امور بازاریابی و ایده ها

کوروش علی پور

کوروش علی پور

نایب رئیس هیئت مدیره

مدیر مالی. مهندس مکانیک. مدیر دپارتمان فنی

سهیل قاسمی

سهیل قاسمی

مدیر عامل

مدیر کل وبسایت. مهندس عمران. مدیر اجرایی

یاشیل احدی مقدم

یاشیل احدی مقدم

رئیس هیئت مدیره

مدیر برنامه ریزی. دکترای حرفه ای دندانپزشکی. رئیس دپارتمان علمی

Well, this shop, unlike the others whom I’ve been a client of previously has remarkable customer experience servicing. Just when I was about to give up after failing to find the garment I was looking for through their website search, a customer care agent appeared and helped me out in just under a minute!

Adam Smith

When I was looking for a place to shop for the coming Fall, I never expected to find something special. Typically I do my shopping at several different places because I never found a store that has everything I need. Strangely enough, when I was browsing through this one their selection had all the clothes and shoes I wanted listed!

Mary Wallace